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Teams, Are Your Ready to Engage Your Senses? 

I am a chef who specializes in

helping your team create beautiful meals that NOURISH.


Get ready for a taste bud adventure like no other!

At Tsipi Kaplan Wellness, we're all about cooking up fun, healthy, and delicious meals.


Mindful Meals in Minutes: Whip up nutritious meals in under 15 minutes. No stress, no mess – just good vibes and great, healthy food!


Sorbet Party: Upgrade your sorbet game with fresh herbs, infused oils, and mysterious flavors for a whole lot of fun! Perfect for any occasion, it's the ultimate sweet and savory treat experience. (gazpacho sorbet, anyone?)


Stress-Free Holiday Hacks: Wave goodbye to holiday kitchen chaos! We've got easy, healthy, and creative recipes, along with insider tips to help you breeze through holiday cooking in under 2 hours.


Chopped Challenge: Get ready to battle it out in the kitchen! Which team can create the most mouthwatering and nourishing meals using surprise secret ingredients in just one hour? Game on!


Ready to stir up some team-building magic? Contact us, and let's cook up some memories and bonding together!

Yes, please! Let's Engage Every Sense.

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